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Converting the FileMaker Cloud trial (FileMaker Cloud)

Note  The following information is for FileMaker Cloud team managers.

As your FileMaker Cloud trial nears its expiration date, you begin receiving notifications. You can purchase a FileMaker Cloud subscription by converting the trial.

1. In FileMaker Customer Console, on the Subscription > Summary tab, click Convert Trial.

2. In the Claris Store, you see information about your trial.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions for purchasing a subscription.

Important  If you don’t convert the trial and it expires, you have 45 days to retrieve your data. After 45 days, your data will be deleted. See Retrieving custom apps and log files (FileMaker Cloud).


If you downloaded a FileMaker Pro Advanced license certificate from FileMaker Customer Console (to use with custom apps hosted by FileMaker Cloud), you need to provide the license certificate. See Downloading FileMaker software (FileMaker Cloud).

See FileMaker Cloud documentation in the Product Documentation Center.

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