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Using a FileMaker Cloud trial with FileMaker Pro Advanced (FileMaker Cloud)

Note  The following information for FileMaker Cloud team managers.

If you’re using a FileMaker Cloud trial, you can download a license certificate to work with FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced. This license certificate will allow you to host FileMaker custom apps with FileMaker Cloud.

To download your license certificate and connect it to FileMaker Pro Advanced:

1. The first time you sign in to FileMaker Customer Console, a dialog box appears. Click Download license certificate, then click Next.

2. Connect your license certificate to FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced.

If you don’t have FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced, click Download now in the dialog box. Then follow the installation instructions for entering the downloaded license certificate.

If you have FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced, open the application, then open the FileMaker Pro Advanced License dialog box. Click Enter License, then choose the downloaded license certificate. (See FileMaker Pro Advanced Help in the Product Documentation Center.)

If you don’t want to download the certificate or FileMaker Pro Advanced when you see the dialog box, you can do so later on the Subscription page. (See Downloading FileMaker software (FileMaker Cloud).)

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