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About FileMaker ID

Note  The following information is for team managers.

The FileMaker ID integrated sign-on system authenticates Claris Connect users and users of FileMaker custom apps hosted by FileMaker Cloud.

Setting up authentication

In FileMaker Customer Console:

FileMaker Cloud: Add FileMaker ID users to the team associated with the FileMaker Cloud host. Team managers can then invite those users to join their FileMaker Cloud team.

Claris Connect: Invite users to join Claris Connect teams. If users don’t have a FileMaker ID, they are asked to create one.

Hosting custom apps in FileMaker Cloud

For users of custom apps hosted by FileMaker Cloud, create groups of those users. In Claris FileMaker Pro™ Advanced, create and grant FileMaker ID account access for groups or individual users who will work with the file. Then, host the custom app using FileMaker Cloud. Users can work with the custom apps for which they have been granted access. (See FileMaker Pro Advanced Help and FileMaker Cloud Help in the Product Documentation Center.)


Users can also be authenticated by an external identity provider (IdP). To set up authentication, see Using an external identity provider to authenticate FileMaker ID accounts.

To use the Claris FileMaker Data API or OData API with FileMaker Cloud, you must authenticate using your FileMaker ID. See Using FileMaker ID for external authentication.

For information about the security features available with the FileMaker Platform and security steps you can take, see FileMaker Security Guide in the Product Documentation Center.

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